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We are Certified General Contractors with over 25 years experience working on Sound Critical Projects. We can build as per your drawings or provide consulting, testing and engineered drawings.
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— Bob S. Project Manager

Isolated Sound Floors


Mitigate intense impact noise and airborne noise in weight rooms, gyms, generator rooms, mechanical rooms and any noise critical space.

Using systems from Kinetic Noise Control like RIM Roll-out isolation floor for wood or concrete floating sound floors and LSM Spring Lift Slab for floating concrete where extreme impact noise is a problem.


Sound Isolated Spaces


Sound isolated walls and ceilings for spaces where sound containment is critical. We engineer and build high mass sound isolated walls and ceilings using isolated metal framing systems with multiple layers of drywall, Green Glue and mass loaded vinyl.


Room Acoustics are Important


Is your interior space too loud? Does it echo and reverberate?

We engineer and install Fabric Wrapped Acoustic wall and ceiling sound absorption panels including

Sound Baffles, Sound absorbing Ceiling Clouds, Lapendary Banners, Sound Diffusers and High Impact Tectum Panels for use in recording studios, theaters, offices, gymnasiums, restaurants and in any sound critical space.

We also provide High STC Rated Sound Doors and Windows

We furnish and install sound proof doors and windows for your sound critical space.


We are Certified General Contractors providing expertise for the last 25 years in noise and acoustical solutions for Retail, Commercial and Industrial Applications


Design & Build Mission Critical Acoustic Environments   
World Class Professional Recording Studios
Floating Sound Isolation Floors for Gyms
Home and Special Venue Theaters
Noise and Vibration Control Solutions
Noise Reduction for Restaurants and Offices
Isolated Sound Deadening Walls, Floors & Ceilings
Pre-Construction Services
Commercial General Construction
Site Survey & Value Engineering


We've worked with Class A installations throughout South Florida.

Here are a few of our past projects.